7Kings Entertainment was established to transform the Indonesian Music and Entertainment Industry. The guiding principle is to deliver the highest global standard in the Entertainment Arena. The company was founded by the EMTEK Group (SCTV and Indosiar) in partnership with the Mata Elang International Stadium.

The two groups combine to bring their Passion and Expertise to the World of Entertainment.  With the Goal and Vision of Making Every Event a Masterpiece, 7Kings Entertainment believes in turning the “notion in to motion” there are no limits. Bringing bold and creative ideas and setting your dreams in motion to deliver Extraordinary Success to programs, events, and shows.

We strive to be the ultimate platform for Local and International Events. 7Kings Entertainment is supported by its own teams providing the best end to end services: Venue, Sound, Lighting, Multimedia, Promotion, and Support from the Largest Media and Television Group in Indonesia.

7Kings Entertainment the Only Alternative… Alternative.



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Surya Citra Televisi (SCTV) and Indosiar Visual Mandiri (IVM)
are the leading free-to-air TV stations in Indonesia.

SCTV started broadcasting nationally in 1993; SCTV is one of Indonesia’s
top rated nationwide free-to-air TV station
with audiences in excess of 160 million viewers in more than
240 cities across the country.
SCTV viewer demographic is the more affluent viewers
with more discretionary incomes.

Indosiar began broadcasting nationally in 1995; Indosiar has been recognized as one of leading

free-to-air TV stations in Indonesia with an audience of in excess of 140 million. Indosiar viewer
demographic is middle to lower income group of audiences,
complimentary to SCTV’s target market.


MATA ELANG-master-asli di putri

7Kings Entertainment is committed to delivering attention to detail. In building our lighting, LED and sound systems, we workexclusively with the best company in the local and international industry: Mata Elang Production

Mata Elang Productions offers Lighting, Rigging, Multi-Media & Set Design, Programming & Operating
services. Mata Elang is by far the most experienced and knowledgeable production company inentertainment equipment products for all of Indonesia.



Clair Brothers i-Series (Large format line array system)
60 Units i218M – 90 Degree
24 Units i212M –90 Degree
16 Units i208M -90 Degree
48 Units iS218M Dual 18”subwoofers for the low frequency support
4 Units CS218-M Dual 18” subwoofers
8 Units Clair Brothers FF2 – H – M (Compact 8”speaker for front fill)
8 Units Clair Brothers R2D-94-M 12” Two-way active
8 Units R4IV Three-way Active Speaker
8 Units ML 18 Mid –Bass Sub
48 Units of Clair Brothers 12AM (Low profile stage monitors)
Clair Brothers Mobile Touring Amplifier Racks with PLM CB-10K & 20K And
Built in proprietary Lake Processing to suit all system.

Audio Consoles
3x Digidesign Venue Profile Touring Package
2x DigiCo SD10 Live Touring Package
1x Midas Pro 9 Touring Package
2x Yamaha PM5D Touring Package


The other important aspect to have an event to be always successfull to concert-goers is by doing great promotions. By creating gimmicks and always updating entertainment trends, we will be able to have our programe delivered to the right audience. Along side with our exclusive media partners, SCTV and Indosiar, social media, online and offline medias, we can “hype up”the programmes!


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